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The start of a (much-needed) web TV hierarchy

There’s a ton of video content out there, and not much of a way to browse it. Let’s think a moment of what guides us in our decisions to watch things online: recommendation engines embedded into videos, featured content on front pages of video sites, emails/twitters from friends…and that’s about it. A lot of gems […]

Analog dollars for digital dimes = Analog hours for digital minutes

Vivek Shah, president of digital publishing at Time Inc.’s Business News Unit, had some interesting things to say yesterday about why online content isn’t as attractive to advertisers as, say, magazines – its all about the time spent with the content and the saturation of advertising. Speaking at Ad Age’s Digital Conference, Mr. Shah pointed […]

Fred hits a million, apocalypse about 10 years away (for broadcast)

For the last few days I’ve been processing the momentous fact that Fred became the first YouTube channel to have one million subscribers. It’s a milestone that has to be taken seriously, because unlike the number of views a video has, a user has to physically click a few buttons in order to subscribe (and […]