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What NBC’s ratings woes can teach us about TV and web series aesthetics

It’s not news that NBC’s ratings are in the toilet, and the vast majority of critics will argue that it’s a result of the network developing and airing shows that have narrow audience appeal. Shows like Kings, 30 Rock, and the recently-premiered The Listener might be hailed by critics and appreciated by TV nerds like […]

Cold, hard, factual numbers pwn Kevin Wasson, @paidContent

Kevin Wasson posted yesterday at paidContent about how Hulu and other web services offering television for free are doing more harm than good: the networks have simply relegated themselves to being content producers. …The value of NBC is not in a show like Heroes or Friends. The value of NBC is the more than 70 […]

The next step for web series aesthetics: Creating worlds, not just stories

After a long, incubated gestation period during which audiences have been relatively meager, web series are beginning to come into their own, aesthetically speaking. We have genres and aesthetic styles unique to the medium – the vlog (Gemini Division, LG15), the mini series (Dr. Horrible), the gamer show (The Guild), the fanfic show (My Roommate […]

Analog dollars for digital dimes = Analog hours for digital minutes

Vivek Shah, president of digital publishing at Time Inc.’s Business News Unit, had some interesting things to say yesterday about why online content isn’t as attractive to advertisers as, say, magazines – its all about the time spent with the content and the saturation of advertising. Speaking at Ad Age’s Digital Conference, Mr. Shah pointed […]

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