Now I get it: Google wants my cable box

Robert Galvin; pioneered cell technology as chief executive at Motorola

Bob Galvin in his prime

I was upset to hear of the passing of Robert Galvin, the longtime CEO of Motorola and a man I was lucky enough to spend a day with in 2006 (a story for another post). But even in death, he’s inspiring some ideas: I didn’t realize Motorola Mobility, yes that half of the company, doesn’t just make phones. They also make the box my cable company gives me and millions of others to connect to our televisions.

In all the analyses I read about the proposed Google acquisition of MM, most focused on patents (they were on a patent purchasing spree after all). But with this week’s announcement of the new YouTube channels, along with a revamped GoogleTV, no doubt Google is also after an efficient way to get GoogleTV into all of our homes.

It’d be a welcome addition. I’m a recent adopter of VOD, and while I’m impressed with the amount of content available (I never have to DVR almost anything!), my fingers are doing a ton of work to get there – it takes about 10 clicks to get to an episode I want, and that includes a step asking if I want to watch in SD or HD (what is this, 2010?). It sounds like a dream: a new Google interface, with a specially designed remote and hey, maybe even some integration with Android phones and tablets a la my Apple TV and iPad. And of course, I’d love an easy way to watch some of the new YT channel content on my widescreen.

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