Congrats to the Webby winners, most of which you probably haven’t seen or heard of

Id like to thank Papa Bear

I'd like to thank Papa Bear

No offense to the very-promising Streamy Awards but the Webbys are kind of a big deal, especially for indie web producers who finally get a chance to be put on par with the big guns.

I especially like their Jimmy Fallon love this year – what a cool project his new show has been so far. I think he’s the first (or second) techie to have a nationally televised broadcast forum in front of him, and since he tapes daily, he can take advantage of it so well. The digital shorts before he went on the air completely sold me on his self-referential, honest humor (which I never thought was honest until he vlogged about it). His first week, he organized a twitter campaign for a random person – hysterical! And the blog at is coming along nicely. He’s a great example of just how powerful a cross-media experience can be, especially when it then leaks over into real life. Next step: having Colbert on the show.

The Online Film and Video Awards are nicely inclusive of all walks of content, from Funny or Die videos to corporate-produced ad campaigns and series.

Now if only the Webbys felt a little more important. All the internet awards beg the question of whether real genius can ever really exist in a completely democratized medium like the web? Or is that feeling of self-importance that comes with blogging and making an independent web series one of the defining characteristics of creating content for the web?

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