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New year’s resolution

2011 is bringing a bunch of change for me, including blogging more. Stay tuned for more…

What do the “most engaging” shows all have in common?

From AdAge today comes this great tidbit about the shifting influence of TV ratings (though I’m very curious to see the metrics by which these are measured). When it comes to engagement, or a show’s ability to command attention from viewers, “Ted” (3.4 million viewers) trumps “Idol” (average viewership of 50 million across two shows […]

Streamys 2010: Making web content is hard. It’s amazing we’re even able to do it. Get over it.

At last year’s Streamy Awards, everything felt new and exciting, if a bit self-serving. The first annual awards were a chance for a burgeoning group of starry-eyed creators to gather in meatspace for the first time and acknowledge that yeah, we’re all doing this, and yeah, we’re onto something here. During the show, the in-jokes […]