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Starting to understand the short, loopy language of Instagram video

I talk a lot about media as a new language, so I’m going to start using the blog to talk through some of the new ways we’re communicating. Instagram video is easily a better product than Vine, if only by nature of it being integrated into the app I already use and love, so I’ll […]

Streamys 2010: Making web content is hard. It’s amazing we’re even able to do it. Get over it.

At last year’s Streamy Awards, everything felt new and exciting, if a bit self-serving. The first annual awards were a chance for a burgeoning group of starry-eyed creators to gather in meatspace for the first time and acknowledge that yeah, we’re all doing this, and yeah, we’re onto something here. During the show, the in-jokes […]

We Live in Public, but it’s more complicated than that

I had the pleasure of seeing We Live in Public the other night, Ondi TImoner’s well-done and well-received follow-up to DiG!. It follows the life of Josh Harris, a guy you’d think us web series enthusiasts would know more about, considering he founded the very first web TV station, Pseudo, using a lot of money […]

See “Outrage” this weekend in NY, LA, SF, and DC

Last year I had a lot of fun working on Outrage with director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering Kofman. The film looks at closeted gay politicians working in the highest echelons of our government, and talks about the ways their remaining closeted is incredibly harmful to the gay population. Here’s the trailer: Even though […]

I’m getting excited for MerriMe

One of the many trailers I saw on Friday at the Tubefilter event, MerriMe caught my eye for its awesome production values, its use of somewhat-known stars (Tony Hale!), its great concept, and the fact that it really does seem like premium content for specifically the web. It’s about a girl going on dating sites, […]