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The NSA’s terms of service: click here to agree and use the Internet

At a panel discussion once, a founder of the Internet made an assertion that’s stuck with me ever since: if information is power, he said, then the public should have more of it than the government. Now, clearly the guy has an anarchistic streak in him (he is a founder of the Internet after all), […]

Web comments sections are affecting our public policy

It’s so obvious when you talk to, or watch the actions of someone who’s taking web comments too seriously. Typically these people don’t post very much, keep posting but ignore their fans and therefore never grow their audience, or worse, they get defensive in the face of all the criticism and just keep feeding the […]

Net neutrality isn’t as black and white as I’d like it to be

Information is power. The democratized web has given the public access to more information than ever before, and they’ve taken advantage of it, showing big media companies and politicians that the public can still have control over their systems, much to the big guys’ dismay. With that in mind, net neutrality is a no-brainer – […]

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